Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Hiking after work in 95 + degree heat -

 Went to my second meetup.com hiking group event.  Lori and I have been members for quite a bit , but during the winter and spring , the majority of the hikes were on weekends , and we usually have something going on.  But now that the days are longer , there have been a few after work hikes , and tonights was right around the corner from me at Case Mountain (Spring St) -
  The heat really wasn`t that bad come 6pm in the shady woods , I did sweat like a beast as I did more than the 4 mile or so hike.  I was chosen to find some lost stragglers , who apparently took a wrong turn.  I RAN , down that same wrong turn ,  after like 1/2 mile realized I probably screwed up , ran all the way back up , and then down the appropriate path.  I then ran up the main carriage path and found my lost compatriots.  A fair amount of time had passed with all the extra trail running I performed , so I left these two and sprinted up god knows how far to the yellow trail intersection where the rest of the group awaited My/Our return.  Yes. I`m a Hero!
  Anyway , even with that , I felt great , met a few cool people and entertained myself during the week after work which has been something I`ve been working on.  Lori and I are weekend warriors but can get into a rut during the week.  Come summer at least , I like to stay active during weeknights.  Lori couldn`t make the trip coz she was gettin` her hair did.  - Unfortunately our hair dresser forgot / got called into other job / or something like that , so Loris hair is not did at all.
  Meetup is an internet-networking site that brings groups together.  There are thousands of types of groups from hiking to book clubbing to bar hopping to business networking, and its meetups are all across the globe.  We`ve only done the local hiking and have had good result.  I`m sure some groups are better than others but its a pretty neat concept. Check it out , if you feel that you could use to be more social and to meet people of like interests.  Some meetups are geared for singles , but the majority are not necessarily so.


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