Thursday, July 22, 2010

Beauty and The Devil

"The boast of a man may undo me , and break that charm wished upon me , mortally and permanently. My father , that adoring fool , in his overreaching affection , has boasted to the king, 'her youth and beauty is so great , that her tears alone can restore vigor and health ; It can recapture lost youth upon their drinking.' I can only hope that the King is not a worse fool for believing it."
Sitting upon the edge of her bed , she absentmindedly brushes out her long locks , pondering at the mirror.
Youth - so backwards a beginning , wasted on the young and deprived of the old. The energy of flaming youth , struggling to make its way through this muddled existence, is dissipated squanderously through naive choices . Its potential lost in the depths of wisdom , drowning because of its inept floundering. Despite this , the old , regret its recession - so deeply , yearn to recapture it- so wistfully , that they romanticize and over-value its measure. But this is only because we imbue it with the wisdom and knowledge we have gained. No one , truly , wants to toss this aside and revert , experienceless , intellectually regressed, to the mind of the young. We don't wish it for its sole sake ; we wish it upon our current selves , with all the gifts that time has afforded us.
I look upon myself , imagining my fading flower and my sober spirit , in a future age ; If I have no regrets , if my mind is sharp , I see no obstacle in this fixed course that nature sets before us - in fact I embrace it. I will not look back ,because its usually filled with sorrow and second-guesses ; I will not look so far forward, as that could cause worry and anxiety. We must embrace the here and the now , presently , for one cannot affect the past , we can only change its effect on the future.

The next day , to her shock , the Kings men came for her. They brought her to the castle and locked her up , high in the tower. "You shall shed your tears of youth into this urn. If they do not produce the result your father promised , you both shall die."
She cries and cries , capturing some in the urn.

....Continued at Kasual Kafe - Beauty

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