Thursday, July 22, 2010

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I don`t feel like I have much to say , but its been a few weeks since I updated.  I spent some time with my boy Matt , which is cool , we went out in hartford one night and threw some down and I surprised him that next weekend by camping in Maine , close to where he was staying.  Lori and I took a three day weekend; we got to meet Matt`s girl , she`s cool and I`m happy for him. We Did the beach thing , no waves but got some color and did a lot of walking along the water.
  Lori and I made an after work meetup hike earlier in the week , and that was cool.  Hiked a spot we have never been with some good people.  Plan on doing some more of that while daylight lasts.
  What else is going on ..... well .... I forgot to mention the beautiful thunderstorms we drove home from Maine in , well it started off beautiful, with the reddish brown sky and lightning streaking across the sky was cool up until we drove into the torrential downpour that included hail stones.  Traffic dropped like 40 mph as it was nearly impossible to see unless you are a trucker.  They happily drove me out of the middle lane,  into the left , by flying up at 70 mph ,  buffeting me with road water and air pressure ;  I gripped the steering wheel like it was a helicopter`s ladder swinging me a few hundred feet in the air and tried to act like it was no big deal for Lori.  Actually , at one point , I was cursing my bloody head off because a truck didn`t allow me to zip over into a rest stop ; this may have alerted Lori to my distress.
  But again , we had a great time in Maine,  we walked the scenic marginal way in Ogunquitt , which is just a beautful cliff walk along the rocky shore of Maine.
  We saw Jack Johnson the weekend prior. It was a good , relaxed show , as we expected.  I liked it despite it being a bit jammier than I thought it would be.
Thats all I got.

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