Monday, May 17, 2010

Took out the Kayaks

Sunday , got out the kayaks and had a nice few hours at bigelow hollow  state park.  Felt good to get out in it for the first time this year.  Our last few weekends kind of sucked.  I didn`t catch any fish but Lori and I saw a blue heron - he hung out while we slowly floated closer.  Got a few good pics.  Did about 3 miles paddling according to the gps.
  We hit a couple of other areas for some short walks and ate a salad picnic (nice chef salad from highland park market) We were going to hike bigleow but right at the mouth of the trail , I got bit at least five times successively by multiple skeeters.  We said screw this and ran away.

  Saturday , we did 3 miles at Salmon River State forest.  I hiked with my fishing rod along the river part of the way; caught a nice looking trout.  We did the trail that loops into day pond but cut the hike short - didn`t have 7 miles in us , and once out of the river area , the hike was not as picturesque ....had a bunch of inclines that didn`t seem to serve any purpose.  Lori has had some nasty hamstring issues for almost a year now , and some of the inclines give her sharp pinchy pains.  She has fought through it for the most part , but if your do the work and climb , at least a good mountain view is in order. None to be had here , so we looped back.  I caught a fish !! Second of the year.

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