Tuesday, May 25, 2010

musings of a.... long.... evening

The summer night is warm and thick , it tastes like hope.  No time to sleep , the day is long , the night is longer , restless.  Filled with longing , anticipatory tremblings of what could be.. this time it will be better ; Better than all the rest.  Can`t wait , yearning for it to start right now , it`s been so long.
Long gone is the chill and the grey eves of the interminable winter. The longest I remember , grievously  long.   Not long ago was the absence of hope.  But I smell it now ; sniff it on the warm breeze. I long to embrace it.  Pining the night away ,  I realize I`m not alone. There is scurrying all about me - its still wild , it hasn`t all been cemented over.  There is  life left and I hunger for it.  I want to start right now.  Along these lines , I dream of the dawn to come - a red blush  across the sky. I crave its cleansing brightness.  Its not far away now , even though this night is long.  

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