Saturday, May 01, 2010

It was warm today.

A lovely summer day following a few fall days.  The weather is a bit erratic in lovely Ct.  We went out to Margaritas last night with Charlie and Janine ...great company as always... I had a few margaritas and then stayed up too late watching the taped yankee game ...we did win though.

So my plan to go kayaking in Burr Pond didn`t work out as we overslept and then I didn`t feel like setting the car and the kayaks up.  We instead went to Eagleville Falls , did a mile and a half hike near the willimantic river.. We saw a rattle snake...pretty creepy ...I looked it up and it was a timber rattler but I didn`t know they were in that area.  Saw him stretched out , head away from us about 3 1/2 feet long , blackish and rattling away incessantly.  We watched him a good minute   , Lori was freaking ...he slithered off.  Pretty cool.

We did a bit of park hopping just to reacquaint ourselves with the parks this year and plan out future excursions and kayaking. Went by mansfield hollow , did a small walk near there , hit beaver brook and mashamoquet state park ct.  We drove up scenic route 169 to the Vanilla Bean - a bikers haven for some good eats.

We then went to Bigelow Hollow State Park to scout out for our kayaking and picnicking plan tomorrow.  We did a 2.5 mile hike to the furthest , remotest and elusive 3rd body of water there , breakneck pond.  I say elusive because some years back we tried to find it , walked like 2 miles in (we figured out where we missed the proper trail) and were attacked by clouds of bugs , gnats , mosquitos , and other buzzy , biting annoyances. That last time was so bad that we jogged almost the whole way back (we werent and aren`t much for running) flailing our arms and cursing the trail that didn`t lead us to water.  This time , we found it easily , crossed a little boggy area by teetering across a man-made plank , onto a trail that goes around this beautiful , untouched and untamed waterway.  We`d love to kayak here but its a bit too far to drag the boats.. The map shows a road to another end but we couldn`t find it ....It may be a dirt road somewhere , maybe well find it tomorrow.

When we got home , we set up the tent in the backyard just to make sure we still have all the pieces and parts , as it has been a few years since we camped. I intend to do some camping this year in anticipation of our future cross country trip. It a test , to see if we actually enjoy camping , just the two of us.  We usually hit motels or bed and breakfasts on our weekend warrior trips.  I figured , this year , doing some camping could save some money and enrich the experience.  (or it could ruin it)
Anyway , tent went up relatively quickly ...looks good , its quite big for a simple tent with room for 3 people and bags and stuff ...Lori took turns bringing the cats outside and into the tent with us to play.  They were very nervous at first but started to enjoy themselves , being IN the place on the other side of the window inside of a tent , listening to the sounds of people chattering , kids yelling , cars roaring and dogs barking,.  Frocious at one point was so jittery that he climbed up into my shirt and stuck his head out of my sleeve.  He then just plopped down there , for like a few minutes , he had no intention of leaving... kinda cute.

Just ordered a chicken parm grinder and a salad for Lori and I to split from Filomenas down the street and I hear them pulling up ...gnight

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