Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The alarm sounds.  Incessantly and Insistently.
The emergency of life
Why even wake? Again and Again
A pointless exercise.
"Sometimes I feel..." - Afflicts us All
The human condition
My minds tide , Rises and Falls
It washes you away.
My moods affect those who are around me; I affect the moods of you who intercept me.
I must control that which needs controlling;  So obvious, it needs no extolling.
Grasp this smelly beast by its horns and wrench;  Release all that's rank ,rid yourself this stench
Then you will find the happiness you seek; So obvious , demands no great technique.
3 words x2 similar
6 syllables definition
Conclusion -  a a b b Pentameter
Repetition of words / themes / alliteration


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