Sunday, December 26, 2010

Xmas is over.

Ran/walked 4 miles both yesterday and today.  Saw my dad and sis yesterday and saw charlie and fran on xmas eve ; They bought me an ipod touch :-)
Those were the highlights of what was otherwise the saddest and loneliest christmas of my life.
I survived it , and felt great running this am , thru bolton notch , with its icicle filled rock on either side of me, while the snow fell , creating a white path and outlining the naked branches. 

I was considering shutting down the kasualkafe site and blog and starting a new one for .2011 but decided against it.  I will not shy away from the past just because it temporarily causes pain.  I will eventually remember this chapter of my life as a wonderful period where I experienced so much of life, and shared this , as well as an intense love, with a wonderful woman. This type of love may not have been meant to last forever , but I will not regret. 

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