Thursday, September 02, 2010


Happiness is something we always strive for yet most of us find it difficult to obtain. We tend to find ourselves frustrated , short tempered , difficult to deal with , depressed , fall into fits of laziness etc , irritated at minor inconveniences , always in a hurry , harried about all the millions things that need doing , everything is an emergency etc;

I am extremely guilty of all of the above , over the last few years (probably most of my life actually) I find myself intensely frustrated with everything and anything. I rarely feel Happy and always seem to be on the verge of deep depression.

Well , I have found many of my issues , really just a state of mind. Yes , I and We , all deal with some real crappy situations on occasion , but most of us find our state of unhappiness because of overreactions by our own mind. This list remains true for most of us. This list is not necessarily for someone that has experienced Tragedy (seek professional help or groups for the serious stuff that life can hand us) but is for the day to day difficulties , irritations , fears , confrontations etc; We are not alone , all humanity has experienced trials , We can get through it with positive thinking and training of the mind.

More to come in future but here is a quick list to refer to on occasion when you find yourself unnecessarily angry , frustrated or depressed.

Make peace with imperfection
Be aware of the snowball effect of your thinking and catch yourself and Let it Go
When U Die , there will still be things and stuff that needs doing
Don`t interrupt or finish sentences , Practice Listening
Do something nice - selflessly - Don`t tell anyone
Present Moment Awareness - be aware of the small moments that are happening RIGHT NOW
Don`t need to be right - Let others be right on occasion
Practice Patience
Love- Show love - Feel Love - Give Love
Life isn`t fair what ...Move on
Remember how Good you really have it , Not everyone is as lucky
Allow yourself to be bored
Mind your business , Someone elses stress , gossip , or deal is not your problem
Excercise , Meditate , Stretch , Gym , Pilates , Yoga , Walk
Become an early riser - Instead of rushing around like a maniac as soon as you get up to zip to work - Get up a little earlier ; Create :MY TIME
This too shall pass- Will it matter in a year ? Will it matter in a hundred
Be Grateful when feeling Good , and Graceful when feeling down
Volunteer - Do good for others - Be good and Loving
See the extraordinary in the ordinary - see the wonder of life
Look for the positive , ignore the negative
Life is not an emergency
Don`t always need to catch the ball - There is always someone trying to get you to catch their ball - its o.k not to have to on occasion , be helpful when you want to - You`ll be more effective
Don`t judge others or keep score - Accept people for who they are , and what they do or don`t do
Stop complaining , it will come true - If you practice unhappiness it will become habit
Write a heartfelt letters to a friend , lover , family member - or simply drop a line
Remember , any pain you feel has been felt before by a fellow human , its not just yours
Money is not Happiness , the lack of it is not Unhappiness- Want what you have and Be grateful for it
Organize - I`m a big believer of lists as long as you know the list Will Never End , there will always be something to do , don`t let it stress you , let it energize you
List all the To-do`s , Want to-do`s , goals , objectives etc; and Start Nailin em

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